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Air purification and disinfection photocatalytic system TIOKRAFT is the result of long-term research and joint efforts made by Noginsk scientific center, the Institute of problems of chemical physics RAS, LLC "Information technology Institute" and the TIOKRAFT Company.

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Innovation company TIOKRAFT was established in 2003 by the members of the Institute of problems of chemical physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
TIOKRAFT realizes the photocatalysis process research on the basis of the Innovation center of RAS in Chernogolovka in Moscow region.

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Innovation center of RAS in Chernogolovka

Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPCP RAS) in Chernogolovka

The production of the catalyst for photocatalytic element (titanium dioxide superdispersed powder) is based in the Institute of problems of chemical physics RAS premises.
The production process basis is a microwave plasma-chemical installation, designed for the production of nano-crystalline (particle size less than 100 nm) powders of various metals, their oxides, nitrides, carbonitrides and powder compositions. The product of chemical reactions in the shape of small TiO2 particles is condensed inside the reactor from a high-temperature chemically reacting gas flow. Chemical reaction proceeds in an oxygen flow preheated to the temperature of 2000-3500K with the energy of microwave radiation.

A microwave plasma-chemical installation

It is possible to variate the dispersion, phase and chemical composition of the derivable nano-crystalline materials by changing the operating parameters of the technological process.

The main elements of the installation - plasmatron, starting material dispensers, reactor

Properties of the derivable superdispersed titanium dioxide:

Pilot production of the devices is performed at the Experimental factory of scientific instrumentation RAS.
It should be noted that all devices produced by TIOKRAFT are handmade.

We are sure that you’ll appreciate the quality of our devices.

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Website Tiolab.ru was created for informational support and promotion of the photocatalytic systems of air purification and disinfection on domestic and international markets.

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